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CJT Solutions

We understand that technology downtime means lost productivity and efficiency. That’s why we work tirelessly to maintain all of your infrastructure to keep your productivity levels at their highest.

Network & Infrastructure Management

Are you looking to set up new computers? A new server? Data migrations? Hardware upgrades? Need your entire network reconfigured?

From all the above issues to everything in-between, we will work with you to quickly diagnose problems and make cost-effective recommendations to help you meet your professional goals.​

We'll also manage your existing network to maximize uptime, ensure all of your software is updated with the latest security patches and handle any hardware malfunctions quickly and seamlessly.

Structured & Network Cabling

Is your company expanding? Moving to a new location? Are you having connectivity issues and dropped connections?

We can assist you in diagraming, laying and running structured and network cabling for all of your communications needs, including data, video surveillance, telephony and video conferencing. We can also help diagnose any issues with your existing cabling, making sure you're running at peak performance.

Managed Services – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With Amazon Web Services, you're able to harness the power of the cloud in your local office.

AWS can help your business through cloud backup services, servers-in-the-cloud and even your entire company's computer workstations in-the-cloud for on-demand access anywhere, at any time.

Microsoft 365 Management

Are you experiencing email downtime? Deliverability issues? Confusing hoops to jump through to add more inbox storage?

Through Microsoft Office 365, we can take the headache out of email and get you and your company on a reliable, easy-to-use email service. Say goodbye to all of the headaches of dealing with troublesome email and delivery issues.

Website Design & Digital Marketing

Are you frustrated that your website isn't generating you leads? Do you feel like your social media is a waste of time? Are leads slipping through the cracks?

We've partnered with Adventii Media, a NJ-based inbound marketing agency that works with medium- and enterprise-level businesses to showcase your brand across all channels - converting your visitors into customers and brand advocates.